Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Earth Day - Our Favorite Project!

Earth Day will be here in a few weeks.  There is so much to share about Earth Day, but this post will be short and sweet, about a favorite project of my kinders every year!  We did it today and it did not disappoint!

SO simple!  All you need is white coffee filters, a black sharpie, green and blue thick washable markers, heart die-cuts, and a spray bottle.

Step 1:  The kiddos color the entire coffee filter using the green and blue markers, to have it represent the earth.  (It's important that they are washable markers.)  They write their name using a black permanent marker

Step 2:  This is the kiddos favorite part!  They use a spray bottle to mist the entire filter. The blue and green markers bleed, while the the black marker isn't changed.

Step 3:  Add a heart cutout to the center once the coffee filter dries.  

The possibilities are endless!!  This year, we used the earths to decorate our April calendar project.  (The kiddos take home a calendar at the start of each month that gives the special for each day, shout outs for student birthdays, etc...)  The lighting of the picture above is terrible.  The background paper is actually light green, and the calendar itself is printed on light blue paper.

In the past we have used it to go along with a writing prompt, "I promise to take care of the earth by..."   They also make lovely window decorations!

However you celebrate Earth Day with your littles, this project is sure to be a favorite!

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